Chapter 1
Communication with the Public
School - Sponsored Media
Announcements to Parents and the General Public
School-Sponsored Publications, Radio and Television
District School Directory
District School Directory - Distribution
Student Publications
Student Expression
School News Releases
Communications from Outside Schools
Publications, Radio and Television
Commerical Mass Media
Board Meetings, Photographs, or Motion Pictures
Appearances, Films, Performances
Citizen Communication with the School Board
Advertising on School Board Property
Materials - Distribution through Students
Materials Distribution - through Students
School Board - Responsibilities
Citizen Participation - Encouragement
Parental Involvement - A Home School Partnership
Parental Involvement – A Home-School-District Partnership
Parent-Teacher/Parent-Teacher-Student Associations
Citizens' Advisory Committees--Guidelines for Organization and Operation
Guidelines for the Establishment of Educational Excellence School Advisory Councils
Diversity Equity and Excellence Advisory Committee  
Citizens' Assistance to School Personnel
School Visits
School Visits - Procedures
Dade Public Education Fund
School Board Direct--Support Organizations
Student/Family Services--Requests for Outside Providers
Legal Services for Employees of the Board
Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Superintendent
Membership in Organizations--Solicitation
Membership Solicitation by Recognized Employee Organizations
Free Materials--Acceptance
Materials Containing Advertising--Distribution
Politics--Participation of Staff
School Personnel--Complaints
Gifts to School Personnel
Districtwide Fund Raising for Special Projects/Programs
Fund-Raising Drives Among Employees and Selling of Merchandise or Services by Employees
Funds--Solicitation of by Students and School Organizations
Excuses From School for NonSchool Activities Involving Groups of Students
Public Performances by Students
Public Performances by Students
Gifts to Students
Funds--Soliciting From Students and School Board Authorization
Funds--Soliciting From Students for School Savings Program
Blood Collection Drive -- Soliciting From Students in Schools
Observance of Death of Staff and Student
School Facilities--Availability to Qualified Community Organizations and Commercial Enterprises
Use of School Facilities for Commercial Film Production
Equal Access -- Availability of Secondary School Facilities to Students for Meetings
Use of School Facilities--Grounds
Use of School Facilities--Performances
Use of School Facilities--Religious Services
Use of School Facilities--Government School-Allied Organizations
Use of School Facilities--Student Dances
Entertainment Sponsored by the School or its Allied Organizations
Use of School Facilities--Flag and National Anthem
Use of School Facilities--Application and Approvals
Use of School Facilities--Rental Charges
Use of School Facilities--Supervision by School Personnel
Surplus School Facilities--Interim Use
Relations between other Governmental Agencies and Schools--School Board and Superintendent of Schools' Responsibility
Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies--General Policy
Cooperation with Law Enforcement Officers/Authorized Agencies--Specific Procedures
Cooperation with Other School Boards, Governmental Agencies, or Nonprofit Corporations
Cooperation with Other School Districts or Agencies in Special Projects or Activities
School District Organization--Responsibility for Operation and Administration of Schools
Cooperation with Other School Districts in Maintaining Schools
Liquor Sale Near Schools
School Board Relationship with the Federal Government
Coordination of Planning with Local Governing Bodies
Relations between Recognized Associations and the Schools--Membership and Membership Fees
Relations between Nonpublic and Public Schools--Parochial and Private Schools
Relations between Nonpublic and Public Schools--Contacts--Personnel and Students
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Chapter 2
Administrative and Supervisory Personnel
Administrative and Supervisory Personnel--Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent of Schools--Appointment
Internships in Educational Administration
Temporary and Part-time Personnel--Consultants
Administrative Operations
Administrative Operations--Line of Responsibility and Organization Charts
Administrative Operations--Line and Staff Relationships
Administrative Operations--Councils, Cabinets and Committees
Executive Council
Administrative Cabinet
Construction Committees--Establishment and Responsibilities
Educational Facilities Planning, Site Selection and Acquisition, and Construction
Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy
Research, Evaluation, Planning
Philosophy and Goals: Dade County Public Schools--Professionalization of Education
Control and Communication Systems
Submission of Proposals for Telecommunications Facilities on Board-Owned Sites
Legal Opinions--Requests
Office of Managment and Compliance Audits
External Auditing Firms, Rotation Policy
Audit Committee
School Site Selection Committees--Establishment and Responsibilities
Trees for Public Schools
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Chapter 3
District Budget--Responsibility of Superintendent of Schools
Treasury Policies: Debt Management; Fund Balance Reserve; Warrants and Electronic Transfers
Investments of Funds--Principles
Federal Funds--Preparation of Proposals
Nonresident Tuition Law--Responsibility for Interpretation and Enforcement
Fees--School-Level Determination
Fees--Photocopy of Public Records
Merchandise in Schools--Selling
Snacks and Beverages--Selling
Ticket Sales in the Schools for Nonschool Agencies
Outside Vendors--Selling
Disposal of Tangible Personal Property
Disposal of Property Other Than Land--General Guidelines
Disposal of Surplus Land and Other Real Property
Right-of-Way or Easement
Reporting of Grant Awards
Donations and Gifts of Property
Non-salaried Expenditures--Purchasing Priniciples
Contracts For Materials, Supplies, and Services with Board
Quantity Purchasing--Development of Specifications, Determination of Quantities and Standardization of Supplies and Equipment
Products--Endorsements by Staff Members
Identical Prices--Priorities for Award
Vendors--Visits to School Facilities
Performance and Payment Security, Declining a Bid Award, and Bonding Company Qualifications
Purchasing Department--Board Designated Authority
Purchase Requisitions
Purchase Approval and Competitive Bidding Process Requirements
Purchase Requisitions--Routing
Bidding Process (repealed)
Bidding Process--Competitive Bidding Requirements (repealed)
Selection of Real Estate Appraisers
Bidding Process--Qualifications for Award
Bidding Process--Special Considerations
Ordering Goods and Services--Authorization
Purchase and Payment of Certain Commodities and Services in Specified Areas--General Authorization Purchases (repealed)
Emergency Purchases (repealed)
Payment for Goods and Services
Expenditures for Awards and Incentives
Accounts--Uniform System
Internal Funds--Specific Procedures
Internal Funds--Promotion and Public Relations Funding
Petty Cash Funds
Safe-Deposit Box -- Authority for Withdrawals
School Activities Funds--Specific Procedures
Photographs of Students--Sale
Records Management
Records Management--Forms
Operation of Plant--Responsibility of Superintendent of Schools
Operation of Plant--Administrative Directives
Operation of Plant--Administrative Directives
Utility Conservation
Damages to School Property
Emergencies--School Plants
Maintenance Services and Supplies
Insurance Programs--District
Safety Program
Transportation--Specific Procedures
Private School Bus Companies Under Contract to Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Transportation - Zero Tolerance
Food and Nutrition Service
Non-Tax Funds--Air Conditioning or Ventilation of Existing Facilities
Air-Conditioning of Existing Facilities
Pay Telephones in Board Owned or Operated Facilities
Accounts Receivable Write-Offs
Contracts and Documents--Approval by School Board Attorney
Consultant and Technical Services; Instructional Television, Radio and Media Lease Agreements, Royalty Fees, Production and Programming Contracts
Professional Services Contracts
Professional Services Contracts for Insurance or Risk Management Programs--Policy
Contractor Debarment Procedures
Screening Criteria for Contracted Personnel in Accordance with the Jessica Lunsford Act
Miami-Dade County Public Schools Business Code of Ethics
Facsimile Signature--Board Chair
Facsimile Signature of Board Chairman and Superintendent of Schools
Signatures of Superintendent and Designees
Minority/Women Contracting--Business Development and Assistance Program
Minority/Women Contracting--Establishment of Business Development and Assistance Objectives
Minority/Women Contracting--Administrative Procedures for M/WBE Participation in Construction Contracting
Minority/Women Contracting--Administrative Procedures for M/WBE Participation in Procurement Contracting
Minority/Women Business Enterprise Certification Procedures
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Chapter 4
General Personnel Policy Statement
Non-Instructional Personnel
Personnel Files
Employment Agency Fees
Drug-Free Workplace General Policy Statement
Tobacco-Free Work Places
Certification: Temporary Instructors, NonDdegreed Vocational, Adult Part-Time Teachers, Adjunct Educators, Career Specialists and Experts in the Field
Violence in the Workplace
Employee-Student Relationships
Restrictions on the Use of Communication and Data Transmission Devices
Equal Opportunity Employment and Assignment
Permanent Personnel--Employment
Permanent Personnel--Employment and Reappointment
Permanent Personnel--Employement (repealed)
Employment--Safety and Health
School Bus Drivers--Employment
Physical Examinations
School Bus Drivers--Qualifications
Permanent Personnel--Appointment
Permanent Personnel--Allocation
Division of School Police--Organization and and Responsibilities
School Police Officers
School Police Officers--Commissioning
Assignment, Transfer, and Appointment
Assignment, Transfer, and Appointment--Principals and Assistant Principals (repealed)
Assignment, Transfer, and Appointment--Administrative Positions
Assignment, Transfer, and Appointment--Professional and Technical Employees
Assignment, Transfer, and Appointment--Managerial Exempt Personnel
Assignment--Programs, Other Than County and State Funds
Assignment--Members of Same Family
Assignment, Transfer and Appointment--Teachers (repealed)
Assignment, Transfer and Appointment--Non-Instructional Employees
Responsibilities and Duties
Responsibilities and Duties--Teacher
Conflict of Interest
Code of Ethics
Duty-Free Lunch Period--Teacher
Hours of Duty
Evaluation Procedures
Performance Planning and Appraisal System for Administrators
Continuing Contract
Retirement Systems
Separation--Non-Reappointment of Annual Contract
Separation--Dismissal, Suspension, or Demotion
Separation--Dismissal or Suspension (repealed)
Separation--Dismissal or Suspension - All Personnel
Grievance Procedure
Discrimination/Harassment: Complaint Procedures for Employees
Temporary and Part-time Personnel--Substitute Teachers
Temporary and Part-time Personnel--Student Teachers
Part-Time Teachers
Summer School Teachers
Adult Education Program
Activities--Professional Personnel
Activities--Academic Freedom
Activities--Non-Instructional Personnel
Fingerprinting of all Employees Prior to Employment
Employment Standards and Fingerprinting of All Employees
Professional Growth
Dade-Monroe Teacher Education Center Council: Policies and Procedures
Comprehensive Human Resource Management Development Plan
Representation at Specified Meetings
Staff Development Programs
Professional Group and Employee Organization Meetings
Professional Development Schools: Definition and Functions
Copyright--Educational Media
Copyright--Educational Media
Copyright--Educational Media
Compliance with Copyright Laws and "Fair Use" Guidelines
Policy for Utilization of the E-mail System
Travel Expenses--School Board Members, Superintendent of Schools, Employees, and  other Authorized Persons
School Board--Employee Organization Relationships
Employee Organizations--Granting and Withdrawal of Recognition
Recognized Employee Organizations, Instructional--Services Granted
Recognized Employee Organizations, Non-Instructional--Services Granted
Employee Organizations--Communications with the School Board
Recognized Employee Organizations--Subjects for Collective Bargaining
Recognized Employee Organizations--Collective Bargaining Agreements
Meetings--Election Days
Nonschool Employment--Non-Instructional Employees
Nonschool Employment
Recruitment Program
Compensation and Related Benefits--Salary Guides
Manual of Procedures for Managerial Exempt Personnel
Confidential Exempt Personnel Classification and Compensation Plan
Salary Guides--Adjustments
Salary Deductions
Salary Deductions--Employee Organizations
Salary Deductions--Income Protection
Overtime Pay During Emergencies--Non-Instructional
Insurance and Employee Benefits
Tax Sheltered Investment Plan--Policy
Retirement Incentive Program for Managerial and Confidential Exempt Employees
M-DCPS Supplemental Early Retirement Plan
Early Retirement Plan - Investment Policies
Supplemental Retirement Investment Programs
Employee Assistance Program
Fair Labor Standards Act
Absences and Leaves
Absences and Leaves (repealed)
Sick Leave Without Pay for Illness (repealed)
Exclusion of Social Security Payments on Account of Personal Sickness (repealed)
Illness and/or Death (repealed)
Jury Duty and Subpoena as a Witness
Legal Commitments--Military Physical Examinations
Personal Leave Chargeable to Sick Leave (repealed)
Leave of Absence for Emergency Purposes
Sabbatical Leave
Professional Leave
Professional Leave (repealed)
Extended Parental/Illness of Self/Leave Without Pay
Military Leave
Military Leave (repealed)
Hardship or Dire Emergency Leave (repealed)
Illness or Injury In-Line-of-Duty--Instructional and Non-Instructional
Personal Leave Without Pay
Terminal Pay--Employees other then Instructional or Educational Support Personnel
Voting Leave
Holiday and Annual (Vacation) Leave
Temporary Duty
Temporary Duty--Instructional Employees
Temporary Duty--Non-Instructional Employees
Transition Leave
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Chapter 5
Educational Development--Student Educational Development--Board Policy
Student Attendance--General Responsibility
Student Assignment--Nondiscrimination
Admission Policy at Henry S. West Laboratory School (repealed)
Admission to Henry S. West Laboratory School, A Professional Development School (repealed)
Age of Entrance, Ages of Attendance, Proof of Age, and Disclosures
Student Attendance--Specific Responsibilities
Student Attendance–Specific Responsibilities
Age Certificates - Issuing Centers and General Regulations
Suspension, Board-Approved Alternatives, Expulsion, and Referral to Children and Family Services
Student Attendance Records--Specific Requirements and Procedures
Student Transfers
Student Transfers: School Choice Programs
Student Transfers: Legislated School Choice Programs
School Census--Responsibility
School Census--Procedures
Attendance Areas - 2011-2012
Foreign Student Registration
Nonresident Tuition
Attendance Requirements--Married Students; Pregnant Students; Students Who are Parents
Progress: Reporting Achievement Progress
Evaluation of Students
Assignment to Groups--Specific Regulations
Educational Alternative Programs
Promotion, Placement, and Graduation--Grades K-12 and Adult
Rank in Class--Grade Point Average
Student Records
Awards for Achievement
Foreign Study Programs Abroad
Recognition--Senior High School Students Serving in Armed Forces
Curricular and Noncurricular Student Activities
Conduct--Standards of Behavior
Dress Code
Organizations--Secret Societies
Organizations--Fraternities and Sororities
Organizations--Clubs and Student Activity Groups
Social Events
Management of School Funds
Management of Funds--Internal Accounts
Student Organizations--Fund Raising
Gifts to School Personnel
Policy for Utilization of the Student E-Mail System
Student Welfare--Protection
Educational Support Programs for Homeless Students
School Health Services Program
Student Safety and Health Protection
Injuries to Students
Student Accident Insurance
Corporal Punishment - Prohibited
Standards for Student Conduct
Maintenance of Appropriate Student Behavior
Student Case Management System
Student Services PK-Adult
Discrimination/Harassment: Complaint Procedures for Students
District Policy Against Bullying and Harassment
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Chapter 6
Instruction--Philosophy and Goals
School Calendar
Elementary and Secondary School Calendar - 2006-2007 (repealed)
Edison Schools Inc. - Henry E. S. Reeves Elementary School Calendar - 2004-2005 (repealed)
Extended Year School Calendar - 2002-2003 (repealed)
Juvenile Justice Education Extended School Year Calendar - 2006-2007 (repealed)
School Improvement Zone School Calendar - 2006-2007 (repealed)
School Day
Bomb Scares
Emergency Closing of School(s)
Emergency Management Procedures
Moral and Ethical Values
Guidelines for Instruction Pertaining to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance
Climate for Learning--School Symbols
Organizational Plan
Acceptable Use Policy for the Network
Instructional Technology Education
Experimental Programs
Authorized Courses of Study
Bilingual Education/Foreign Languages
Multicultural Programs
Controversial Issues
Extra-Class Activities
Intramural-Interscholastic Athletics--Coaching
Interscholastic Athletics--Senior High School
Sports Activities--Middle School
Sports Activities--Elementary (Grades K - 5)
Clubs and Organizations
Uniforms for Middle School Music Groups
Uniforms for Senior High School Bands
Instructional Arrangements
Class Size and Flexible Staffing
Class Size
Field Trips
Instructional Aids Fees
Authorized Students Fees in Secondary Schools
Instructional Materials and Resources
Nonacademic Activities--Bible Reading
Non-Academic Activities--Holiday Programs
Religious Expression in Public Schools
Resources for Instruction
Audio-Visual Materials
School Library Media Programs
Special Services and Classes (repealed)
Procedures for Providing Special Education for Exceptional Students
Section 504 Procedures for Students with Disabilities
Child Study Teams
Community Schools
Organizational Pattern for Curriculum Development
Instructional Planning
Principles for Improvement
Curriculum Development and Improvement--Responsibility of the Principal
Evaluation of the Instructional Program
Program Evaluation
Program Assessment and Evaluation Responsibilities
Educational Research
Research Toward Curriculum Improvement
Instructional Services
Music, Art, and Physical Education
Learning Resources
Information and Library Resources
Learning Resources--Instructional Television and Radio
Magnet Programs/Schools (repealed)
Magnet Programs/Schools
Charter Schools (K - 12) (repealed)
Charter Schools (K-12)
K-8 Centers
Post-Secondary Education--Senior High Courses
Administrative Procedures for Applied Technology and Adult Education
Adult/Vocational Education School Calendar - 2006-2007 (repealed)
Admission to Adult Education Program--Guidelines
Code of Conduct for Adult Students
Purpose and Scope of the Programs
Area Vocational-Technical Center
Affiliating Agreements with Non-School Agencies
Postsecondary Education Fees
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Chapter 7
Planning--Annual and Long Range Planning
Historical Preservation of Facilities
Determing Educational Facility Needs
Planning--Forecasting Enrollments
Determining Educational Facility Needs
Extent and Location of New Construction
Portable/Relocatable Classrooms Allocation Formula
Educational Specifications--Development
Educational Specifications--Development (repealed)
Educational Consultants--Using (repealed)
Bond Elections--Conducting
Cooperation with Government Units
Architectural, Engineering, and Inspection Services--Authority of Superintendent of Schools to Employ
Selection and Procurement of Design-Build Firms and Design Criteria Professionals
Architectural and Engineering Services--Payment of FEES
Architectural and Engineering Services--Contracts
Site Acquisition--Responsibility of Superintendent of Schools
Designing--Site Selection Procedures (repealed)
Designing--Future Site Acquisition (repealed)
Designing--Land Use Master Plan (repealed)
Building Design--Responsibility of Superintendent of Schools
Drawings and Specifications
Purchasing Initial Equipment and Furniture--Procedures
Architect/Engineer Advisory Committee
Financing New Construction
Bids and Award of Contracts--Procedures and Regulations
Receiving Bids--Procedures
Bid Bond Requirements
Prequalification of Contractors for Educational Facilities Construction
Educational Facilities--Naming
New Educational Facilities--Identification Plaque
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Chapter 8
School Board--Official Titles
School Board--Powers and Duties
School Board--Powers and Duties--Goals
School Board--Powers and Duties--Code of Behavior
Conflict of Interest
Counsel for the Board
Membership in School Board Associations
Office of Inspector General
Alternative Method for Securing the Services of an Inspector General
School Board--Members of the Board
School Board--Members of the Board--Vacancies
School Board--Members of the Board--Officers
Orientation of New Members
School Board--Members of the Board--Opportunities for Development
School Board--Members of the Board--Salary and Expenses
Methods of Operation
Role and Authority of the School Board as Licensee/Trustee of WLRN-TV and WLRN-FM
Non-Public Meetings of the Board
Committee of the Whole
District Advisory Committee Meeting Notices/Announcements and Procedures for Publication
Liaison Representatives
Board Rules
Rulemaking Proceedings
Correction of Certain Errors in Rules
Indexing, Management, and Availability of Final Orders
Adjudicatory Proceedings
Administrative Action--Authorization
Board Meetings--Types and Purposes
Board Meetings--Date, Time and Place
Special Board Meetings
Types of Meetings - Notification Requirements and Procedures for Publication
Board Meetings--Presiding Official
Board Meetings--Rules of Order and Parliamentarian
Board Meetings--Quorum
Board Meetings--Conference-Type Discussions
Agenda--Regular and Special Meetings
Minutes--Board Meetings
Citizen Appearances--Board Meetings
Board Meetings--Decorum
Public Access to School District Records
Correspondence Addressed to the Board
Requests for Information and Assistance--Board Members
Cone of Silence (New)
Student Advisor to the School Board--Selection Criteria and Responsibilities
School Board Committee Structure
Comprehensive Districtwide Planning
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The official Rules of the School Board Of Miami-Dade County, Florida are maintained by the School Board Clerk.
This is not an official copy.
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