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• 2001 Nominees

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Principal of the Year
2001 Nominees
Nominees for Principal of the Year

Sandra Boudreau
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

"Sandra Boudreau has been an integral part of
Benjamin Franklin family since 1989. Her unselfish, dedicated service and polished teaching skills have
been solely focused on instructing students and enhancing their self esteem".

- Mrs. Stockdale, Assistant Principal

Daphne Hoyte
Biscayne Gardens Community School

"Ms. Hoyte is the epitome of what an educator should
be. She sets high standards for students and expects nothing less than the best. She challenges them to be different and dynamic; to be thinkers, to expand and renew their minds".

- Sharon Elulich, Nominating Committee Chairperson

Betty Rolle
Crestview Elementary School

"Ms. Rolle is an extremely dedicated individual who
brings honor and distinction to the teaching profession. She motivates her students to want to learn by the enriching environment that she provides for the on a
daily basis. Her approach to instructing students is to focus on the whole child, while providing a sound educational foundation that they will be able to
possess their entire life. "

- Nominating Committee Chairperson

Delicia Decembert
Fulford Elementary School

"Ms. Decembret is an exceptional nominee for Teacher
of the Year. She is respected by her colleagues, and
is loved by her students. She demonstrates great care and understanding in meeting all of her students
needs. Her detailed and careful lessons ensure that
all students get maximum attention in
order to succeed."

- Nominating Committee

Marc Lelling
Gratigny Elementary School

"Mr. Lelling displays all those facets which constitute
a true educator. He presides over an educational environment with intelligence, humor and plethora
of warmth and caring for the second grade students
under his tutelage."

- Nominating Committee Chairperson

Judy Nellon
Hibiscus Elementary School

"Ms. Nellon is a strong team player, Through her years
at Hibiscus. When you speak to Judy about school improvement or the impact of learning, she lives by
the philosophy that " All children can learn through respect, discipline, and love."

- Nominating Committee Chairperson

Dexter S. Saunders
Lakeview Elementary School

"Mr. Saunders is an asset to our school and
community. He is willing to extend himself for the betterment of the students and staff. He does not
hesitate to accept leadership roles. Dexter is known
for putting a plan in motion to eliminate the negative
and celebrate the positive. He encourages his students
to be to be proactive and resist being reactive."

- Edith N. Norniella, Principal

Lisette Concepcion
Linda Lentin Elementary School

"She’s a dedicated teacher who’s contribution go
beyond her fourth grade classroom. She is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the educational opportunities of her students."

- "Nominating Committee Chairperson

Sheila J. Lewis
Miami Central Senior High

"Ms. is a very loving, caring enthusiastic and
assertive leader. She continues to motivate her
students through her sheer dedication and enthusiasm. She has the unique ability to get her students involved
in activities that build self-esteem."

- Mr. James Scoiners, Chairperson

Daniel Muchnick
Miami Norland Senior High School

"Mr. Muchnick is an outstanding educator who is responsible for developing and coordinating the
Student Teaching Internship prgram. He exemplifies
all that is best in the teaching profession. He is a concerned invaluable educator who truly deserves
the title Teacher of the year."

- Nominating Committee

Robin Lockery
Miami Park Elementary School

"Ms. Lockery is a dedicated professional whose knowledge has influenced the design and
implementation of speech language programs not
only in this country, but in other parts of the world."

- Mr. Henry Crawford Jr., Principal

Belkis Veulens
Myrtle Grove Elementary School

"Ms. Veulens seta high expectations for her students
and ,motivates them to become active partners in the process. Her classroom is a community of learners engaged in creative activities that meet the various
needs of each student."

- Nominating Committee

Raysa Martinez
Norland Elementary School

"She is an outstanding teacher needs she frequently donates her time to work with students on school
studies, while also counseling and keeping close
contact with parents to ensure a good working
relationship between school and home."

- Pamela Pollock, Chairperson

Lindsay Baker
Norland Middle School

"Mr. Baker is a teacher who has mastered the
skills of wearing many hats. Always involved in
the total school process, his team spirit and love
for teaching is a beacon of light for everyone."

- Nominating Committee

Roger Gitlin
Norwood Elementary School

"Mr. Gitlin is a hard-working dedicated teacher who
whole heartedly involves himself in his work everyday
of the year. In his classroom there is a comfortable atmosphere of order and structure in which the
students are enthusiastically involved in
the learning process."

- Nominating Committee

Magaly Sarazola-Marcos
Oak Grove Elementary School

"Ms. Marcos truly exemplifies a superior ability to
foster education and contribute to the
continuous improvement of students learning
and the school environment."

- Nominating Committee

Gwendolyn Dorsett
Parkview Elementary School

"Ms.Dorsett believes that a persons socio-economic condition has nothing to do with their character or
ability to learn . Her focus is to stimulate, motivate, educate, regulate, and demand high standards, for
she will accept nothing less than she delivers."

- Nominating Committee

Roberta Marshall
Parkway Elementary School

"Ms. Marshall has shown great ability to motivate
and cultivate excellence in her students. She exhibits exemplary interpersonal skills communicating with
others. She continuously contributes to the
improvement of her students experiences."

- Nomination Committee

Cindy Shahboz
Parkway Middle Community School

"Ms. Shahboz has an excellent rapport with her
students and has initiated many innovative
approaches to meet their needs. Students enjoy her classes because she demonstrates a sincere
interest in them as individuals and is consistently
fair with them. She is constantly exploring a variety
of teaching methods to make her teaching
practices interesting and more informative."

- Nominating Committee

Linda Levene
Scott Lake Elementary School

"Ms. Levene Skills in the classroom can be equated
to those of a master teacher who is intelligent, enthusiastic and actively involved in the learning
process. Under her tutelage, students in her
Montessori class work beyond grade level
expectations and lifelong love of learning."

- Nominating Committee

Everal Miller
William Turner Technical High School

"Mr. Miller consistently demonstrates all of the
qualities which defines an outstanding and effective teacher. He uses innovative instructional ways to
motivate his students."

- Nominating Committee

John Angelos
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

"Mr. Angelos is a dedicated teacher . He is a skillful professional who brings experience and knowledge to
his profession. He continuously searches for new
ideas, hands on activities, and creative project that
will inspire his students to become involved in the
learning process."

- Nominating Committee

Debra Diaz
Westview Elementary School

"Ms. Diaz has demonstrated that she is an asset to
our school and contributes to an atmosphere that
nurtures the development of student and staff. She
brings grace and competence to her to her every
task, and always demonstrates
diligence and creativity."

- Nominating Committee

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