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A Salute
Teachers and Administrators

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2001 Nominees

A Salute to District 1
Teachers and Administrators

from Dr. Robert B. Ingram, School Board Member

We, who are within the Miami-Dade County Public Schools want our students to have a great educational life. We are not just talking about it we are doing things to make it happen. That's why I want to share the good works of our daring and devoted administrators and teachers.

I wish to specifically introduce the breadth of contributions made by many of our unsung heroes and heroines who bring strength to our children our school district.

In my travels I have met many outstanding administrators and teachers who are working to uplift our children.

I know that many of our administrators and teachers are there for our children. They are strong contributors. And I feel great knowing that together we are building an effective educational today and tomorrow for our children.

This is a new millennium that we are about to enter. Too often we don't congratulate our front line educators on the things that they are doing right. So I decided to bring to you those administrators and teachers in District I who embody all that is good about our school system - they are worth reading about. Enjoy!

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