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09 - 12 Hi-Tide Harry
Yes Scarlet and Silver
3 N
2110 2
109.33 %
Grades: 9-12 7:20 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Miami Beach SHS
Dr. Martin S. Karp
School's Message

Welcome to Miami Beach Senior High School and our web site. Miami Beach is a special place, unlike any other on earth, and our school is a very special place located in the heart of Miami Beach.

Together, our teachers, students, staff, parents, administrators and community are working to provide every student with a quality education that prepares them for a positive and productive tomorrow. I am committed to continuously seeking ways to improve the work that is done in the school and to provide opportunities for everyone in the school community to lead, learn and improve. Every student can excel when we hold high expectations, when we respect their knowledge and diverse cultures, when we find ways to view diversity as strength, and when we provide lots of support for students to meet and exceed those high expectations.

Educational excellence requires every person in the school to care about doing the best job possible. My pledge to our school community is to work tirelessly to ensure that Miami Beach Senior High School has:

Teachers who plan and execute lessons that engage every student in meaningful 
learning activities in every classroom, every day, every period - from bell to bell.

Clerical staff who greet the public with warm professionalism and execute their 
duties efficiently and effectively.

Custodial staff who take pride in the appearance of the building and grounds.

Cafeteria workers who prepare nutritious meals and serve them with love.

Administrators who plan wisely, take calculated risks and inspire team membership and commitment from the staff.

Students who are known personally and supported by the adults in the school

A school full of learners of all ages.

The keys to educational excellence include a commitment to success for all students, a willingness to be innovative and take risks, and to collaborate as a learning community. Everyone in our school is involved in the process of planning, executing, accounting for and celebrating our work. Miami Beach Senior High School is a community - a place of common unity - where everyone focuses their energy like a laser beam on helping students achieve. I hope that you will visit our school, both here on our site and in person, to see our newly emerging facility, our outstanding student body, and our caring and professional staff.


JOHN J. DONOHUE, Principal

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