Shoutout and Challenge
Robert B. Ingram, Ph.D.

I want to offer a special salute to Sonja Ingraham
for the outstanding job she is doing at Miami
Carol City High School. Her musical skills are
Gaining statewide attention. The principal of the school Is Ms. Mary Henry.

Ms. Henry you have a jewel at your school, but
you already know that, Mrs. Ingraham, Ms. Henry you are My "SHE-ROS."

Actually you are my Super-"Sheroes" because you both
are having such a positive impact on our young students' minds.
You are not perfect people but you are people who are called to a perfect Mission.

You are called To intensify, integrate, instruct, and inspire Our children to Reach for higher heights.

Keep up The good works. To our viewing audience I am sure you will agree that our school system is full of Heroes and She-roes, Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff, and the parents that volunteer their services. I'm glad about it.

Rev. King said this: We are all tied together in a single garment of destiny, what affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

To me that is what makes our Heroes and "She-roes"
SUPER they guide our youth through educational activities that:

1. developed leadership skills and personal integrity
2. Display helpfulness and respect for others
3. understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work I am told that there are three kinds of people in this world:

The NUMBER ONE Kind are JAWBONES: People who talk a lot and do little.
NUMBER TWO are the WISHBONES: People who wish that others would do what they ought to be doing themselves.
NUMBER THREE are the BACKBONES: People who get things done. Backbone People Sonja Ingraham and Mary Henry are Super "Sheroes" who are not overwhelmed by the immensity of the task that they must face.

They realize that a journey of a thousand miles, begin with One Step.
Now is the time:

For shiftless folks, to pep-up,
For sleeping folks, to wake-up,
For gloomy folks, to cheer-up,
For angry folks, to make-up,
For bitter folks, to sweeten-up,
For bent over folks, to straighten-up, and
For gossiping folks, to shut-up!!


Students you must do the best you can with what you have.
Remember, it is never about the size of the dog
in the fight - it is about the size of the fight in the dog!

SNOPP DOGGY DOGG says "Bow, Wow, Wow, Yippy Yo, Yippy Yea."
And too many Of school age youth are so in love with these lyrics that our young people repeat the terminology with fervor calling each other dogs and behaving like dogs. When young men call each other dogs they call their young ladies female dogs.
Well, I've stopped by to remind you that "if you lay
down with dogs you will get up with fleas."

Some folk will say that a dog is a man's best friend. And that too is true. Nevertheless, even some of man's best friend have mange.

Today the mange comes out as Gansta Rap that is as nasty as it wants to be. And too many of our young folk appear to be so caught up in the talk that they seldom realize that derogatory TALK can lead them to a deadly WALK. I've witnessed known criminals "Livin" what Ricky Martin calls "La Vida Loca" being treated as respected members of this Miami Dade County community.

We need student ROLE MODELS to turn this dysfunctional behavior around. Mariah Carey says "THANK GOD I FOUND YOU" and Toni Braxton says, "JUST BE A MAN ABOUT IT"

Aaliyah suggest that you "TRY AGAIN."

And the 4-1-1 on Sisqo is that he would have you caught up in the "THONG SONG." But I don't care what Sisqo says young ladies you must stand up and stand firm, because if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything!

SO even though the 504 Boyz cries "WOBBLE WOBBLE" young ladies you must help your sisters overcome the legacy of inequality and stop becoming mothers before they become wives;

Let me remind you young ladies, young men don't want no PIGEONS.

Let me also say this, If a young man is "hitting on you" and he is in school, studying hard, and making all "A's" tell him to keep on talking. But if he is OFF THE CHAIN, if he's hanging out, flunking out and dropping out, tell him to keep on walking you don't need no body to help you do bad, you can do bad all by yourself. Follow the advice of Erica Badu tell those young bucks to "Call Tyrone. But don't use your phone."

Tell them you don't want No Scrubs. In fact Jagged Edge put it best tell them LET'S GET MARRIED.

Carl Thomas declares "I WISH" well I wish young
men would strive for spiritual-determination therefore I am calling upon you STUDENT LEADERS- especially ROLE MODELS to help our young men stop becoming fathers before they become husbands.

Oh yes, Sammie says "I LIKE IT" well I would truly like it you were about the business of improving the quality of our existence, reforming heads and transforming hearts, As Jo Jo and Casey explains "All of your life."

USHER urges you-to take it "Nice and Slow"
but DESTINY CHILD says "No, No, No!"
Black Rob says "WHOA" And I say, when our
STUDENTS learn to say "WHOA," that is learn to STOP acting a fool in the schoolhouse they won't have to worry about doing time in the jail house.

Whitney Houston & Deborah Cox says life is A

THE SAME SCRIPT, DIFFERENT CAST and Cash Money (CMB) says, THIS IS MY LIFE. True, this may be the same script and yes this is your life but you must help our people "Represent" you must work to help strengthen our families and because, as students, you have the sophistication, edification and determination you can follow the advice of Trick Daddy and tell all THOSE who are caught up looking good rather than being good "Ah HUH, O. K. WHAT'S UP -SHUT UP."

Students you must help each other not get caught up in the RAP or the FAD - you see FADS come and FADS go.

TOO many of our students get caught up in designer items. TOMMY HILFIGERS, Beepers, Chains around their necks, gold teeth in their mouth, and BMWs. Well I've stopped by to let you to know that it is not enough to look good on the outside, you need to have something on the inside. And just like craving designer clothes can dress you up, the cravings can mess you up!

Remember this, Tommy Hilfigers will never replace understanding MATH FIGURES, CHAINS of the outside will not replace brains on the inside. BEEPERS are for creeper who need peepers to keep them from being sleepers, Gold Teeth in your mouth will never be a beneficial substitute for GOAL RELATED THOUGHTS in your mind, and the only BMW that will bring you closer to success is a Bold Mind Working to fulfill you potential.

In summary, let me share a personal lesson I extracted from a story about Michelangelo that I think relates to student leaders . Let me explain, the artist Michelangelo often stirred up the opposition of the contemporary artists of his day. Many of them envied his magnificent abilities. One particular example was the architect Bramante. Pope Julius retained Michelangelo to build him a splendid tomb, and Michelangelo gladly accepted the project and spent eight months in a marble pit personally cutting and selecting the most perfect stones. When he returned, he found the Pope had second thoughts. Bramante did not tell the truth, he lied, and turned Pope Julius against the project. The Pope canceled it.

Later the idea for another special project entered the Pope's mind. Bramante saw the project as a time consuming trap, one for which there would be little public recognition.

Bramante recommended Michelangelo for that job.

The great artist saw the trap. He knew what Bramante was up to. He wished to turn the project down but did not want to refuse the Pope's request.
But then he pondered as to how he could ignite GOODWILL, and make his service BENEFICIAL.

So Michelangelo went to work, in spite of the deception. He spent many years doing the slow and tedious labor the project required.

And what came out of his labor was the Sistine Chapel. A chapel that is famous for its benefit to all.

The inspiration that flowed through Michelangelo can likewise flow through each student.

That is exactly what our educational strategies are seeking to do. And you know what? The strategies will succeed, they will not be stopped. They are a living, powerful river that easily circumvents all obstacles. You see Michelangelo collected his inner forces for a complete victory. Likewise, you must not fear to face the trickery of some people who would work to get you off of your educational game plan and expose it for what it is. This is not negative, but intelligent protection and keen perception.

I am more convinced than ever that when our students collect their inner forces, they will create and superior education is the rule. For me:

No mountain of indifference is too high,
No valley of opposition is too low,
No forests of resistance is too dense and
No water of antagonism is too deep to stop Committed students from achieving.
YOU must push forward until education flows down like water and your academic excellence like a mighty stream.
So Ire stopped by to salute you and encourage all of our students to keep up the good work.
Run on and see what the end will be.
Study and don't get weary, READ and don't faint.
support a wholesome environment where obstacles, may endure for THE NIGHT but if you stay focused on EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE:

There will be JOY!
Unspeakable JOY!

Unbelievable JOY!
Undeniable JOY!

Unquestionable JOY!
Unnassailable JOY!

Unbending JOY!
Unbridled Joy!


Joy! In the morning!
Have a blessed day! ! !

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