Martin Luther King's Bell of Freedom
Robert B. Ingram, Ph.D.

We come to remember Martin With a tribute fit for a king.
A man of peace, a man of grace Who died to let freedom ring.

April 4, 1968 - the month, the day, the year,
When an assassin took away the life of a man so dear.

The circumstances surrounding Dr. King's death are still clouded in mystery,
But his great love forms the arc of non-violent mastery.

Love the sinner, condemn the sin is not an easy thing to do,
But in these tumultuous and dangerous times I preach his message too.

From Dr. King I've learned always do the right thing,
Whatever the cost, bear the cross to make the bell of freedom ring.

Ring the bell of freedom from the north and south with a sound so clear,
That even in the east and west the world will know we are here.
Ring the bell of freedom is what Dr. King taught,
Fight racism and oppression as Mahatama Ghandi fought.

Ring the bell of freedom to change hateful hearts,
In spit of dogs and water hose courageously do your part.

Ring the bell of freedom for the powerless and oppressed,
Agitate and instigate and don't let Jim Crow rest.

Ring the bell of freedom even though you go unrewarded,
Show love for yourself and your neighbor just as the Bible recorded.

Dr. King rang the bell of freedom even at the Lorrain Motel,
This man of peace laid down his life so we could hear the bell.

So we proudly salute dear Martin who put his life on the line,
He rang the bell of freedom for "Rights" that are yours and mine!

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