Dr. Bob's Reading Leaders on Tour again!


February 12, 2002
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Dr. Robert B. lngram Rewards Readers.

On Wednesday, February 6th, 39 students accompanied by 6 chaperones joined an august group of students to have embarked on a 2-day, I-night History tour of St. Augustine and Universal Studios, FL. Designed as an incentive for establishing positive reading habits in students, the read to lead tour was launched on May 1st, 2001 by Miami-Dade County School Board Member Dr. Robert B. lngram as part of his "Read to Lead" initiative for district 1 schools. Ever since, the “Read to Lead” tour has become a district “rites of passage” for its pupils. Most students in the program attests that it is their first opportunity out of their immediate vicinity, while all affirm it as their first to St. Augustine, the oldest City in the country. “The action of Ms. Debbie Gator, one of our parents who drove all the way to St. Augustine to drop off her granddaughter who was unable to join the group at departure, was a symbolic statement that singularly affirmed the significance of this endeavor to our youngsters. May these adventures awaken each child and spark an interest in learning and a life-long reading habit," said Dr. lngram.

At 4:00 a.m. Wednesday February 6th, 2002 student representatives from Golden Glades, Norland and Westview Lake elementary schools were greeted to a Bon Voyage celebration at Golden Glades Elementary School by program sponsor Dr. lngram accompanied by parents.

Once on the bus, the fun and learning began. Students got hands on experience making candles, using ropes, using a colonial pump drill, an old corn mill and playing old time games, while at the same time learning the history of Florida. At St. Augustine, they visited the Old Florida Museum, and were privileged to a reenactment of “the emancipation proclamation”. Before leaving St. Augustine, they had a tour of the historic city of Lincolnville and had a preview of the exhibit at Ft. Mose, the oldest African American community in the United States.

During the student’s travel they were required to write in a journal the events that they experienced and at night at a hotel where their learning was reinforced through inter group sharing.

"Reading enlarges one's world and creates a vision for those who may not have one" said Dr. lngram.

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