October 2001
Service Gallery

"Service is the price you pay for a better today and tomorrow."


Dr. Ingram honors Mr. Ed O'dell of NBC Channel 6 for his outstanding contribution to Education reporting, particularly in developing the "Critical Incidence Report". 

Dr. Ingram is joined by Miami-Dade County Public Schools Administrators at a reception in honor of Mr. Ed O'dell.

Dr. Ingram is joined by fellow board member Dr. Solomon Stinson, and Superintendent Roger C. Cuevas at the reception for Mr. Ed O'dell.



Dr. Ingram receives fellow board member Ms. Betsy H. Kaplan at the reception.

Dr. Ingram is joined by Mr. Mike Namor, owner of Christy's Restaurant and host of the reception honoring Mr. Ed O'dell.

Dr. Ingram, joined by pioneer members of City of Miami Black Police Officers with 
Mayor Joe Corollo.

Dr. Robert B. Ingram joins other School Board members in receiving Mr. Arnold Schwazeneger, Chairman of the "Inner City" youth games.


Dr. Ingram is joined by school administrators at the dedication ceremony for Hubert O. Sibley Elementary School.

Dr. Ingram is joined by visiting students at the October school board meeting.