Tanysha Johnson

is a graduate of Miami Northwestern Senior High School and is currently a student at Florida Memorial College




Admirable Heroic Role Model
By Tanysha Johnson

Dedicated to Dr. Robert B. Ingram

(This essay was a 1st Place winner at a District competition)

Sometimes it's hard to give just any one individual such great characteristics. Yet in other cases some people deserve the recognition. In my community not many stand out as a role model to our black youth. Who are we to look up to? Who's going to set the example for others that follow in their tract? This has become a great issue in my community.

When I hear the words role model, I stop and ask "In my community"? After I give it a little thought the first name that comes to my mind is Dr. Robert B. Ingram. Why Dr. Ingram I know you may ask. Dr. Ingram is a man of god, he sets high goals to reach all of his great achievements. Most of all he's a man that cares about the welfare of our generation. It's hard to find an individual that can relate to our black youth.

Dr. Robert B. Ingram is the pastor of Allen Chapel A.M.E, he's a professor at Florida Memorial College, he's also a Dade County School Board officer for district one. Dr. Ingram was a mayor of Opa Locka a few years ago, and served as a policeman. Can you say role model? Now this is truly the definition of a role model. It's not where he is today that makes him a role model it's where he came from. He's never afraid to acknowledge the fact that he was not a high school graduate, he was born and raised in the projects. It takes a strong individual to get out situations like that to better themselves. Then to return to their very same community and help others do the same.

Dr. Ingram is known around his community as a person with a brilliant mind and a warm heart. When asked upon to do a task the answer is never no. He believes in helping others no matter how great the task is. He's a people person, and a family man who believes in setting high morals for him and those who surround him. Dr. Ingram believes strongly in the motto: "Where there is love there is faith, where there is faith there is god".

Overall, Dr. Ingram may be considered in many people's eyes as an idol person. A man that knows where he comes from and believes in helping others get where they're trying to go. He's come a long way. Along his journey he's encountered many trials and tribulations. He's jumped hurdle after hurdle in this strenuous race of life. No matter what, he remembers that the race is not over yet even though he's at the finish line. Now, can you say role model?