Success Test

Copyright 1987

1. The term "Colonized Nation" describes:
a. geographical strategy c. roof structure
b. ghost dance d. ghetto

2. Why would younger kids be tempted to look up to Mack rather than the Turtle?
a. Mack is taller c. Mack had many friends
b. Mack has a lot of money
           and a flashy car
d. Mack has a good job

3. If a person supports a "Jones" he or she is?
a. taking care of business c. satisfying a habit
b. supporting a family member
d. betting on the races

4. Which phrase is out of place?
a. manicuring mini-plantation c. clean to the bone
b. cutting grass d. edging the walk

5. What is meant by "premises post-line"?
a. parking a car c. walking down the street
b. bus stop d. leaving the house

6. What did Mack think about the turtle at the beginning of the story?
a. That he was dumb c. That he had many friends
b. That he was wealthy d. That he was someone to emulate

7. Mack flashed a "knot". What does that mean?
a. He stole a car c. He could break dance
b. He could play a trombone d. He was showing off how
           much money he had

8. A "Slick" person is one who is:
a. popular c. a hard worker
b. cunning d. a fighter

9. The "Mother Land" refers to:
a. jazz players famous harmony d. after care play
b. Bo Didley's hometown e. "Soul on Ice"
c. Black's Native Land (Africa)

10. A moral of this story could be:
a. Slow and methodical is better than fast and dishonest
b. People who achieve success should assist others to also achieve
c. Education leads to success
d. All of the above