Read to Lead Campaign

District One continues to look for creative ideas and innovative solutions to address the needs of our children and families. The leading focus of this Read To Lead Program is to support our School System's efforts to build our children's reading proficiency. To that end this initiative is to improve our children's reading within District One.

Read To Lead

This Read To Lead District One initiative is designed to encourage reading and language skills among young children and improve their potential for success.

Students who read at least 10 books before the end of the school year will be awarded a "Dr. Bob Ingram Reading Certificate."

Contact Suzanne Matthews at (305) 995-2784 for more information.

Fax orders for bookmarks and certificates to (305) 995-2722.

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I have tried to share one of many strategies to help our children achieve. My belief is that good leisure reading begets good classroom reading, which begets better grades, which begets better school success, which begets better college success, which begets better success in life. Together we can help our children succeed. Thank you for visiting with me.


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