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The Day Ground Zero became the ground for Heroes and Sheroes 09/02
"Proudly Empowering our Youth to take Action" 05/02
"Dedication for Barbara Hawkins, Barbara J. Hawkins Elementary" 05/01/02
“Our Schools Our Business: Putting the Pieces Together”
Proud Education a Passport to Student Achievement
Acceptance Speech 11/21/00
A Special Salute to Some Outstanding People 11/15/00
Some Super Heroes Are Rotary Members11/10/00
Shoutout and Challenge 10/11/00
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 08/26/00
Words to Members of the Miami Dade County Board 08/11/00
Back to School Speech 07/00
School For Applied Technology Commencement 06/15/00
Book and Technology Conference 2000: Making Connections 05/09/00
African American History 02/10/00
The Vase as told by Dr. Ingram 02/10/00
Dr. Ingram's Inspirational Message at Region III Teacher of the Year 02/03/00
Martin Luther King's Bell of Freedom 01/17/00
Christopher Cochise Carlo Chang-Lee Jones, (A Poem), 01/10/00
A Special Salute to Melissa Virguez, Senior at Coral Gables Senior High School and Words of Welcome at the MDCPS Technology Conference 08/23/99
Thoughts For This Coming Year, 09/08/99
Principal's Meeting, 08/23-24/99
Trimester Graduation, Miami Lakes Technical Education Center 08/11/99
The World is Mine 03/06/99

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