Read to Lead History Tour launched May 1, 2001


May 1, 2001
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Read To Lead Readers make good Leaders


When students from Skyway Elementary, Nathan B.Young, and Myrtle Grove Elementary Schools tell about their Read to Lead Educational Tour, folks ought to sit up and take notice.

This educational trip according to Roderick Perriman and Marcus Oliver of Nathan B. Young Elementary" It was lots of fun, but most of all it was educational and we learned things about history and other issues".

Additionally the students had to write and share about their experiences.

Dr. Bob Ingram School Board Member of District 1 is clear Students can have a great time learning if you push the right spot, and Dr. Bob lngram's Read to Lead Tour was wisely chosen.

Read to Lead History Tour was launched May 1st 2001 and sponsored by Dr. Ingram. Target Schools in Dr. lngram's District selected 13 students and two chaperones to tour St. Augustine and Universal Studios.

Once on the bus the fun and learning begins, Students got hands on experience making candles, using ropes, using a colonial pump drill, an old corn mill and playing old time games. They visited Ft. Mose, the oldest House in the United States, and participated in reenacting the Slave Trade and the Colonial Period. Before leaving St. Augustine they were allowed a free tour into Whetston Chocolate Factory, Florida's only real chocolate Factory, they also got a close-up look at the technology of modern candy making in the companies video theatre.

They spent the night at a hotel where their learning was reinforced through inter group sharing

"Our main focus is to continue reinforcing students reading skills while at the same time showing them that learning is fun" says Dr. Bob Ingram.

The trip received rave reviews from the students who attended. Which is perhaps the best statement of its success.

"We had lots of fun and learned things we don't learn in school" says Taylor and Tyler Toney twins who attend Myrtle Grove Elementary.

"Writing about what we actually saw and did was so much easier than making it up" said Rachel Wilson, and Natasha Foraaris of Skyway Elementary.

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